How Should I Start To Save?

This is a loaded question! I am not a Certified Financial Planner by any means, although I do have much training in the area; however, I do work with them, and I do carry many of the lines of insurance that are necessary that are in a well-developed financial plan. But, jumping right to buying insurance is not necessarily the first step you may want to  do in a well-laid out financial plan, nor is investing in complex investment strategies right away.

I believe the first step in a well laid-out financial plan is looking at your budget and sticking to it every month. This includes setting savings for unexpected costs. From here, then you go to looking at the different kinds of insurances you may need.

The first kind of insurance we suggest, outside of auto, home, and health, is short-term disability or accident insurance. This protects you in the event of an illness or injury from which you will return to work. After this, we suggest long-term disability insurance. This will protect you from accidents or illnesses that from which you cannot return.

After these, we suggest you insure your property, making sure that it goes to your loved ones. This is guaranteed through Mortgage Insurance. This is a type of Life Insurance. Most of the time, we can get this guaranteed issue, regardless of age from age 0-85 years.

From Mortgage Insurance, we suggest Life Insurance Products, most often Whole Life products, for they have the most flexibility in their ability to grow and protect you throughout their life. Whole Life will be with you for your entire life, gaining value, at a set premium, with a guaranteed benefit in the event of your passing.

One Asher Custom Benefits has you protected, we will work with our partners, if needed, to expand your portfolio into greater investment options to help your wealth grow. You must have a solid foundation before you can do this, however. You cannot build a mansion on mush. We are here to help you build your foundation.

As always, feel free to contact us with any questions you may have and a free quote. We are here for you!

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