What is Funeral Planning Insurance?

Funeral Planning Insurance??? “I’ve never heard of it,” many of you might say, and you are correct. But, do you NEED it? Or, is it correct for your financial situation? This brief article should explain a bit about the INs and OUTs of Funeral Planning Insurance. We oftentimes don’t want to think about passing, but more so, our next-of-kin want to think of it even less.

First of all, Funeral Planning Insurance is a type of Life Insurance that is Guaranteed Issue for anyone from the age of 0 years to 85 years. We could use either a Term or Whole Life Product, depending on the age of the client and health factors.

Secondly, when the policy is issued, it is issued with you as the owner. The next-of-kin, or the to-be estate will be the beneficiaries. This way at their time of your passing, there is little to no thought that has to go into the financial side of your funeral plan.

Finally, we also have a plan that is like no other. Most people wouldn’t think to compare prices for a funeral, unless they were pre-planning their funeral. Who knows if that funeral home is even going to be the same funeral home or even in existence when you pass?

We have a better option for that. We have a plan where your family, or next-of-kin, calls our team and informs them of your passing. At that time, the team calls to find the best prices in your area for you and your family, thus leaving more for your family for your final expenses.

Feel free to contact us with any questions you may have. We are here for you and your family!

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