We the People

We at Asher Custom Benefits have been thinking. Okay, it has been me, but I make the executive decisions anyway. I am wanting to start a blog just for the PEOPLE. Many people don’t understand the INs and OUTs of the insurance and financial planning industry, so I am going to start a blog called “Ask Asher”.

The premise is going to be that I am requesting you, my readers and followers, to submit your insurance and investment questions to me via e-mail or Facebook. Leave your name and contact information, if you like, and receive credit for your entry. Your input can also be submitted anonymously, if you care to do so. If so, just put (submit anonymously) at the bottom of your correspondence.

I know insurance and investments are not the easiest or most straightforward topic one can discuss. This is where Asher Custom Benefits comes into play. We would like to make your life easier, helping you to live a more fulfilling and prosperous life.

Some suggestions for beginning topics may be whole life versus term life, or how to use life insurance as part of your future planning strategy. Other topics may be how to utilize disability insurance, or how to set up a funeral insurance plan. All of these are good places to begin! I am looking forward to your wonderful questions!

I am planning on this being a weekly blog, maybe more if necessary, and it will be in addition to the other blog posts for Asher Custom Benefits, LLC. This is for the sole purpose of information of our client base.

At Asher, we are all about building relationships. Come grow with us! Contact us today!

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