Insurance is not just insurance

When most people think of insurance, they think of auto, home, and health. Well, at Asher Custom Benefits, we don’t deal in any of those. Well, kind of… We do know people that can provide you with those lines of insurance if you NEED them, and we are happy to introduce you to them.

You see, those lines of insurance are what the government deem necessary, and FORCE you to carry. You can’t drive a car without auto insurance. You can’t own a home without homeowners, and now, you can’t exist in the United States without having health insurance.

At Asher Custom Benefits, we deal with the insurances that allow you to grow and prosper in your life. The lines of insurance that allow you not to worry so much about everyday life. The lines that people normally don’t think about, but are really just as necessary.

We do protect your home through mortgage insurance. We protect your existence through life and final expense insurances. We also help you to plan for you future through many products that we have in our insurance lines.

Along your life’s journey there may be bumps in the road. We can protect you from those as well. We can protect you from those through disability and accident policies. Why should you insure your car more than you insure your own body?

We are here as your consultants. It doesn’t cost anything to talk. We aren’t judgmental. We that everyone has to start somewhere. What we do know is that everyone needs to protect themselves and their families.

At Asher, we are all about building relationships. Come grow with us! Contact us today!

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